Multimedia test of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: at the edge of design

Multimedia test of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: at the edge of design

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are at risk of an avalanche of reviews due to their original design. The Korean is indeed very strong by daring a new and rather nice look. But what are these earbuds sold for a little less than 200 francs worth on the internet? Complete multimedia test.

Buds live in bronze finish shine like no other earbud. Shaped like large beans, their design surprises with their daring and high degree of finish, even if it immediately raises many questions: where are the tips? How do you wear these ear cups? How to change the fins?

Galaxy Wearable to get started

As with other manufacturers, commissioning audio accessories now requires a third-party application. To use these Galaxy Buds Live, you must have previously downloaded the latest version of Galaxy Weareables. Nothing could be simpler then.

Various icons of Samsung accessories are used to launch the association. No sooner said than done, after having fully charged the magnificent protective case. An initial update brings the latest firmware to these shiny earbuds.

Galaxy Buds Live: in or on the ears?

The long-awaited moment arrives. How to slip those big beans in his ears? To be sure I’m not mistaken, I consulted Samsung’s full manual available on the internet. I took the opportunity to change the small fixing fins, for the large ones. The condition test can therefore begin.

After slipping the Galaxy Buds Live into my ear cups, I try to adapt them to my physiognomy. Obviously, the best is to carry out this operation before listening to music since the surface of the ears is tactile. When you touch it, you can pause or restart playback.

What reduction of ambient noise?

However, in a low-noise environment, I quickly try to activate ambient noise reduction. I immediately perceive the limits of this magnificent design designed by Samsung. Nothing to do with Sennheiser Momentum 2 , for example.

Barely placed on the ears, these headphones are very pleasant, so much so that you almost forget them. A quality and a flaw… Indeed, naturally, they do not protect against ambient noise, which puts a strain on noise reduction, which is not Samsung’s strong point. We therefore remain hungry .

Samsung delivers quality sound

In a low-noise environment, these Galaxy Buds Live, however, deliver a very nice, musical and dynamic sound. The basics are there, the mids detailed, not to mention the treble, just right. In short, a well-balanced sound that can still be adjusted to suit personal tastes.

In the application, multiple settings are available, such as the possibility of choosing a dynamic mode or reinforcing the bass. In a “Laboratory” section, it is possible to test two functions, including a “pressure reduction with its surroundings” to reduce the feeling of suffocation with the noise reduction function.

An assessment at the limits of design

The app. also gives access to different potentialities, such as ringing the headphones to locate them at home, for example. You can also configure the reading aloud of certain notifications or manage the touch controls, which do not allow you to adjust the volume. You have to go through the Bixby assistant, which sometimes lacks reliability.

In the end, these headphones leave us hungry. Admittedly, they are beautiful and original, but their plump look hardly seems appropriate for passive or active reduction of surrounding noise. Beautiful product certainly, but limited by its original look. We have reached the limits of design, which comes up against fundamental functional questions. Read also the presentation of this design by Samsung


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